October 30, 2009

Happy (Spooky) Halloween!

Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween weekend! Many thanks for another wonderful week in blogging. I am forever grateful for all your lovely and generous comments. To new followers, welcome!

a Halloween tabletop brushed in gold
so gorgeous and chic, yet perfectly haunting
irresistibly cute

*Harper's Bazaar UK via Fashion Gone Rogue

Guest Blogging: Favorite Color Combination at Simply Seductive!

Simply Seductive was one of the very first, if not the first, blogs I ever read. Linda made an instant and loyal fan out of me with her enormous library of beautiful images. I don't know where she finds so many, but for selfish reasons, I'm sure glad she does! Right now, Linda's hosting a 'Favorite Color Combination' series, which I'm thrilled to be a part of today! Stop by to see which colors I picked and let us know what you think!

*fashion is marc by marc jacobs via julia

October 29, 2009

Traveling: a Day in D.C.

For the last week I've been in Washington D.C. for work. Fortunately, I was able to clear my schedule and steal a day to myself in the city. I fell completely in love with it!
The sky was bright blue and the air was crisp and cool. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to explore D.C.
I roamed the streets alone (which is sometimes my favorite way to travel) and enjoyed the day to myself, quieting my mind, and taking in the beauty. 
The colors of autumn were all around. The trees were a beautiful composition of fiery red, golden yellow, and pumpkin orange.

It was refreshing to see a skyline void of skyscrapers for the day. Something about it reminded me of Europe.

The red on these trees stopped me still in my tracks. I stood here for a few moments trying to take a picture of the colors with my mind.  

Of course, I stopped for a bit of people watching, too. I love to wonder about where they come from, who they are, and what their story is. 
The monuments were awe-inspiring and truly magnificent. You can't help but be moved when standing in their presence. 

This wall was a tearful moment for me. A stunning memorial to honor the brave men who fought for our country.

The residential streets and neighborhood markets were so delightful. The city's unique feel had me utterly charmed. 

Sometimes at the end of the day the only thing I need to do is look down at my own two feet to be reminded of how lucky I am. I am so grateful for the places they have taken me and the roads they have traveled...

*all images are mine

My Apartment Inspiration File

I arrived back into Chicago last night at 1am after a fantastic week long trip to the D.C. area. Although nothing is better than the feeling of being home, I couldn't help but be disappointed at how terribly undone my new apartment is as I walked through the front door. It's high time I really finish decorating it and these are some of my ideas and inspirations!

Since I live alone, I figure this is my opportunity to be as feminine as I want. So, I'd like my living room to be a calm oasis of soft colors, muted pastels, and of course a touch of pink...maybe in the form of a throw pillow. I already have a white sofa, so I plan to build around that. I also adore picture gallery walls and will be creating one of those, too!
I'm still searching for the perfect mirror to place above my console table. I want it to be big so that it commands attention when you first walk through the front door. And, I may just have to paint my current console a fun color for a touch of whimsy!
I would love a dedicated office space like the one in the first picture. Those built-ins are not only practical but so gorgeous, too! I like the light pink inside the shelves and cappuccino brown on the walls. But, more realistically, the second picture is what I'll end up with. And that's not a bad thing as I think the little vignette is adorable. 

For my eating nook I plan to purchase a settee or love seat, pair it with a tulip table and two chairs just like these two spaces. I love the warmth of a sofa in a kitchen nook! Plus, the circular table is the perfect way to accommodate a small space and provide movement around the room. 

October 28, 2009

Moody & Romantic, Black Interiors

With Halloween just around the corner, I have black on the mind! It's a color that exudes mystery, confidence and sophistication all at once. 
My current love? Black doors! From flat toned to one dripping with gloss, I love it which ever way it comes!
Of course, sometimes all a space needs is just a touch of dark to make it striking. When an entire wall would be too much, why not paint the insides of a shelf or large piece of furniture to create the depth and interest you need? 
I do hope to have a black tub like once of these someday! I can't think of a more romantic and relaxing way to bathe!
For the cooler months, a darker palette for outdoor living keeps the space relevant and seasonally appropriate. For inside the home, bringing out those warm, moody, dark accessories is just the touch needed to slip cozily into the winter months. 

October 27, 2009

Fashioning Interiors with Delight By Design, Halloween Edition!

It's been awhile since I've had a guest here on Plush. I thought I'd change that and asked the lovely Blair from Delight by Design to stop by and help us get into the mood for Halloween!! She is a daily read of mine and I especially look forward to her 'Fashioning Interiors' series, where she pairs gorgeous fashion with equally stunning interiors. And today, Blair has put together a special Halloween edition...just for us!

Hello Plush Palate readers! It is such a pleasure and honor to be guest posting for Crystal today. her sweet personality, genuine voice and impeccable style have made her blog one of my favorite daily reads. So I was thrilled to see her name pop up in my inbox asking me to do a special Halloween edition of my 'Fashioning Interiors' series. When she suggested orange and black I immediately knew that Milly's 2010 spring (sorry, I know it is still fall!) would be perfect,

Crystal, thank you again for letting me stop by. I hope you all have a lovely day. 

Thank YOU, Blair for this fabulous Halloween edition. I never thought orange and black could look so chic! Of course, leave it to Blair to find the most perfect pairings, whatever the inspiration may be!

*rooms via Suzanne Kasler and Arent & Pyke Interior Design

October 26, 2009

Guest Blogging: New Series @ Sacramento Street!

If you haven't already had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Caitlin and her blog, Sacramento Street, you are definitely in for a treat! Not only is it full of style, but she's super sweet and my newest blog friends! Caitlin is launching a fabulous new series today! I'm honored to be the first guest and can't wait to watch it grow! But, I'll let you head over to find out for yourselves what it is :)

*image via Rodney Smith
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